Goals, Programs, Rules and Policies at NVCC

Our Goal and Promise to You

  • To create a safe and positive learning environment with fun and engaging activities for all children to come to know God and grow in their relationship with Him
  • To safeguard your children and our workers by always having two or more adults or youth working with children at all times. (All NVCC children's workers over 18 undergo background checks.)

Children's Programs

  • Sunday School - Four classes are offered. Nursery (newborn-age 2); Preschool (age 3-K); Children 1 (grades 1-3); Children 2 (grades 4-6)
  • Worship Care - Offered every Sunday during worship for all children nursery-grade 2. An older sibling or parent may accompany younger ones for a couple of weeks to help in their adjustment to the class if needed.
  • Children's Worship - Offered every Sunday of every month during worship for all children age 3-grade 6.


  1. Listen and follow directions.
  2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. No running in the building.
  4. No food or drinks in the worship center.
  5. Show Jesus' love by respecting yourself and others.
  6. Show respect by treating with care the property of others.
  7. Children are to be picked up from worship care immediately following worship.

Our consequences for children who break the rules will be . . .
  1. A verbal warning.
  2. A second warning; taken aside by a children's worker and prayed with.
  3. Parent will be notified and at the parent's discretion the child will be taken home or required to sit with their parent for the remainder of the class session.

We ask that you do your part to explain proper behavior for church and discuss the rules listed above with your child/children. Discussing these rules and consequences with your child/children and enforcing them will benefit all the children. If you have any questions, feel free to call the church at (203) 723-6822.